Aewol resort in jeju Case Study

Aewol Paradise main motive was the traditional folk house of Jeju and used stonewall and local materials to build the resort. Private spaces within nature gives us a peace of mind and spacious room provides us with freedom and peace from the busy hectic city life we normally live in. The resort houses a restaurant that serves traditional Jeju cuisine and a room for a cup of tea within a beautiful garden. The traditional Jeju roofs and stonewall concept was adapted and reformed into a modern villa and room type resort complex.

The aroma of the pine trees from the nearby forrest surrounds the whole resort clearing one’s heart and mind. The wide horizon filled with stars during the night provides the perfect scene for a relaxing glass of wine. The guest rooms are finished with original wooden flooring and bathrooms with natural Jeju stones and wood that create a mood for a beautiful evening.

The Aewol delux presents beauty that one can only see in Jeju. The resort was constructed of over 300m² of individual space with large windows that capture the nature of Jeju and bathrooms of natural materials. Jeju’s traditional roof design and old stonewalls are famous for its originality and beauty of Jeju. Aewol suites have been designed with surrounding stonewalls to create personal space within the beautiful nature of Jeju. Green grass on the front garden and the flowers on top of the stonewall all come together to highlight the beauty of traditional Jeju even more. The rooms are also filled with furniture and elements that show the colours and lines of the tradition of Korea together with contemporary finishing touches.

The sunset on the horizon of Aewol harbour, slowly rising moon light, twinkling lights on the fishing boats leaving the port for their daily

all becoming one under nature.