Life Pattern Discovery Research for Health & Beauty

Lifestyle is alive and continuously changes. The key starting point in business is to find the patterns in changing lifestyle, hidden needs of consumers and the company’s capability in creating this lifestyle. And so we usually find uprising new markets of the future from the changing points of consumer Life patterns.

We at Genesis Group are continuously researching for changes in people’s lifestyle and search for Life patterns. Not only is consumption researched into, but also various factors of life are closely examined. To find a more accurate direction of change in the future, the changes in history from the past (60’s all the way to the millennium) are analysed and the observations of significant current consumption forms are then converted to Life patterns.

We used the above research methods to find the Life pattern within Health and Beauty that then gave us the opportunity to find and acquire a totally new market.

The Competition, Which is the Market ?

The store distribution of cosmetics, up until now, has usually been through the brand stores and department stores. The recent appearance of Korean Drug store under the name of Health & Beauty (abbreviated as H&B), has began executing a nationwide franchise expansion with an aggressive marketing strategy. However, within the minds of the consumers, H&B stores still remains as a ‘convenient store that sells cosmetics’ and not as a brand new category of cosmetics distribution store.

Our goal here was not to compete with the existing H&B distribution brands. LOHB’s strategic goal was to be the first one to create and dominate a new distribution category market of H&B between the brand stores and department stores. This was the main reason for applying Life Pattern Discovery Research in this project.

Next Distribution?

Through our Life Pattern Discovery Research, we found out that our main target consumers of women in their 20’s and 30’s did not separate the term Health and Beauty apart. Also we have seen traces of change emerging in purchase and consumption of the Health & Beauty market. From the basis of this research, the concept of ‘Health meets Beauty’ was created where there are no boundaries between health and beauty. LOHB’s new distribution market positioned itself by adding the needs of women in their 20‘s and 30‘s (ever so aware of constantly changing trends) to try on new products by self-testing which was then enhanced to a new level by giving the customers ‘Self-counselling’ option of having enough information given to make their own choices in purchasing.

The S.I. to represent Health meets Beauty was expressed by a ‘Vintage Gym’ concept; the store concept was a dynamic yet fresh, humble and fun at the same time. The running tracks on the ceiling were LOHB’s significant design identity to create the feeling of a light jog along the store and at the same time overcome the disadvantage of a rather small space by creating a comfortable circulation across the store.