Change in Hotel Experience

The hotel is no longer a sleeping place but a destination place during your travel and ‘valuable experience’ has become the purpose of the visit for bringing change to the hotel’s next move. Visitors no longer feel the need to go to the same style of building nor similar room arrangements and so hotels have begun to strive for a change in their industry. Boutique hotels and designer hotels provide a good reason for visitors to stay because of their new experiences

Design hotels have now become the norm and are no longer a talked about issue. Hotels have come to a point where they need to ask the fundamental question of “What is a hotel?” A unique experience that can only be felt in that hotel is now one of the most important factors in selecting a room to stay for visitors.
However the unique experience is actually very personal. The Private hotels are interpreting the definition of “unique never felt before experience” in a new light. The scarcity of an experience given to only a limited number of people is an attractive factor. This fulfills the condition in the purpose of visiting hotels.
In order to provide the values of this personal experience, one must use the natural surroundings and this will awaken the curiosity and cravings for hotel visits in people.





The eight independent villas of the Bedarra Island Resort are situated in the Great Barrier Reed of Australia. Only two guests can stay in each of the villas and children under the age of 16 are not allowed to stay. Each villa is also not provided with room service.

A very private space is provided to each of the villas so that leisure and rest can be enjoyed. Restaurant with changing menus, guest lounge, library and other public spaces are also provided. The privacy gives the idea of owning the island during the stay and this is an attractive experience provided by the resort.




The island maximizes the privacy experience as a strong point. The Rania experience is a resort situated in one of the islands of the Maldives. This island is private for the individual guests and their party. The guests enter the island by a private yacht, resort facilities are scattered across the whole island for only the guest’s usage and the entire resort staff provide services just for them. This privilege lifts the fantastic natural surrounding of the Maldives Island experience to a whole new level.

Do the value of the Private hotel fall if it was not surrounded but the amazing nature? Can the Private hotel still make a profitable business without the extravagant experience and luxury pricing policy? We are also seeing other private hotels that have overcome the limitations of pricing and bring a new possibility.




Hotel Droog in Netherland is a small three-floor hotel that was created by the adventurous design group. This hotel has only one guest room. The hotel takes up more space with galleries, design brand store, dining room and a garden rather than the guest room itself. This hotel is not only for rest and a place to stay but at the same time it provides a private cultural space through shopping, dining and museum experiences.

The The trendiest shops within this hotel provide a unique and new experience. Fashion at Kabinet has all the trendiest fusion designer products, Store Droog has the Droog designed products, Weltevree store with Dutch bathroom and kitchen equipment products and other organic spa product stores and various spas are positioned all around the hotel. To visit the trendiest stores is a good enough reason to want to stay at the hotel and so we could call this a boutique store rather than a hotel. Hotel Droog is a good example that shows us the next stage in hotel industry by going further in a hotel becoming a retail space as well as a lodging space.