New Family Generation Research

There has been plenty of research done globally on individuals regarding various aspects of their lives. However in reality, the decisions made by each individual is not always independent. They are influenced by significant others and the environment they live in.

Building on the idea that most aspect of our life is considered in family unit rather than on individual bases, we have developed what we call a ‘family life style’. The new family generation research not only identified hundreds of possible family types but also considered the life cycle within each family type. These family life styles can be applied through ‘patternising’ accordingly for the company or the project’s needs. Patternising is a process that eliminates, absorbs, combine and re-classify unsalable or similar types in order to find the family type that is most relevant to the given business.


Lifestyle Driven Innovation?

Lifestyle should not be considered merely as a mean to set a target audience or to capture trends. Depending on the perspective you take on lifestyle, you can find innovation and even a new business.
For the project on developing a new concept for a living area, the new family generation research has enabled us to find the ideal family type for the residential business in Korea.

Furthermore we defined the life style relevant to each family type, generating suitable components for the living and surrounding area. Based on the research we were able to create designs and plans of an innovative living area and environment for each family type. The new family generation research will be applicable not only to family businesses but also throughout various business sectors that might not necessarily be directly related to family.