Self Awareness Resort Concept Proposal

Heartlessness of a city life can be exhausting. People wish to travel away from the city, if not they seek for rest and restoration inside the city. This is when people start considering to stay at resorts. However even the resorts situated in the most beautiful environment is merely a momentarily solution, when they get back, usually the weight and pain of life still remains. Even though they wished to recover, recoveries tend to be temporarily.

In Eastern Asia one’s mindset is considered more important than the given circumstances. People often achieve restoration by self-mortification and meditation cooped up in a small room, rather than through visiting mountains and riversides. We proposed ‘restoration of energy through self’ as a concept for a resort located in Jeju Island that was seeking for a transition.

Key word for this concept was ‘resilience’ meaning self-restoration. Resilience here comes from an Eastern Asian perspective where the inner self is more valued than the surroundings, which includes all the values we wish to suggest not only to the customers but also for the resort business itself. Ultimately it is a space where one can face their true self, search for their problems and recover and restore ‘through their own resources’.

Since environmental factors doest not affect such concept, a resort that satisfies the needs of modern lives is achievable in any location with an appropriate variation.

This concept unravelled to be a significant business strategy.

Strategy 1. First strategy is to select and expand the target. The leaders of our age, with the responsibilities to make key decisions for a business, are pressured by the expectations to produce much greater output compared to their input. Restoration is a crucial value and a shared need for those exhausted both physically and mentally. We can form an initial market specialising in the micro lifestyle of such people.

Strategy 2. Next is to maximise the practical use of the given environmental element. Until now, the heavy wind, rough stones and clear water of Jeju Island were merely for visual appreciation. Also, although the isolated location of the resort may be incongruous for entertainment use, it is actually an optimal environment for resilience. Resilience through the harmony of unique environmental elements of Jeju Island and the isolated surroundings enables people to have a whole new experience.

Strategy 3. Last is to develop a continuous profit-creating program. There is limitation to the profit structure in Korean resorts. We have suggested a development of programs (contents) that induces continuous visits and a new profit structure through reproduction. The Resilience Leadership Program has been developed with a series of circulation structure that works by removing all the unnecessary factors such as stress that has built up throughout the course of everyday life or during work, and filling those gaps with new energies. This allowed people to experience a leadership program in a new way.